Summer is coming along beautifully. Mandy has finished Driver’s Ed and is now working on her college “short list”. Allie has spent most of the summer in the pool and has declared that she is ready to go back to school now. Good grief!

We haven’t been as active as we usually are; the house remodel has us grounded for a few weeks, but we’re making every attempt to enjoy the comforts, as they are, of home as much as possible. It’s back to school in a few weeks, but not before we make one last trip to Maine…ahhhh beautiful Maine! definitely looking forward to a fun road trip.

I want to quickly share a layout I just completed. I snapped this with my iPhone a few minutes after Mandy woke up (Allie would never let me get away with this!). I just love this photo of her holding her cute stuffed animals. The one on the the right is Spike, her dinosaur who has been her buddy since she was 4 years old! She adores Spike – and still takes him everywhere. As a matter of fact he’ll be joining us next week and I have no doubt he may find his way into her college dorm bag as well. I just love this little hint of innocence in my big baby girl and pray that she will always find comfort and companionship in her animal toys!

You’ve had Spike since you were 3 years old and he

has never left your side. In this photo you are 16
years old and just woke up for school. As usual Spike
is there to greet you. Some things never change!
I know you love him just as much now as you did
back then. I love seeing you with your stuffed animals!